Monday, 18 April 2011

What was she Thinking?

I love making things.  Some things because I love the process and the end result and some things out of necessity and some things just to see if I can.  

I've made quilts, soap, baskets, purses, fountains, ponds, bird houses, cakes and bread, lamps, dresses and cheese.   Some things are useful and some are useless.  All are important.  
 My first choice is always to go into my pottery room.  I don't sell my pottery so I end up with boxes of it and I only know so many people to give it to.  (thank goodness for garage sales).  Paintings and sketches tuck away neatly under the bed - pulled out very rarely. Baking is fun - it can be a bit fattening - but I sew so I can make myself some new larger clothes.  Gardening is well, useful, although look here:

This is what we woke up to this morning - there won't be any gardening for a while.

 I've been making things like this:
ceramic bead bracelets

Tonight I made seven of these

greenware bowls
A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out some boxes that my sister had sent me a long time ago - sorting, saving, tossing and I came upon this.  It seems my mom liked to create things as well and this is what she made.

crocheted towel and soap holder
  The turtle soap goes into the basket that was crocheted directly onto the towel.  Hmmmm.

I wonder if my kids will look at the things I made and ask "what was she thinking?"

My plan is to ignore my strict internal editor and work for the pure pleasure of creating.  Let them think what they like.

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