Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Young Man with a Ton of Talent

I've been Absent a While and This is Why........

Yes it's SPAM.  About 150 per day.

It has reduced in numbers since I haven't been posting or commenting but they are still coming through.

Not sure why me - I don't have many followers and I don't get many hits.   At one time I was looking at my stats, so excited to see how many people had clicked onto my site and then I realized - Spammers !  Darn Them! 

Any tips or hints? 
Will they still find me if I discontinue the Comments section?
Apparently the "report as spam' button doesn't do a darn thing.

To try to make myself feel better I just read a bunch of Spam Poems on
 and hey! guess what?  I am not alone in this Spam attack.


Meantime in our household.

It's winter.  Still.

Son #2 broke his arm - Snowboarding Rail.

I got the call "mom, whats Adams medical number"  and then the phone went dead.
WHAT??? panic, cold sweats, rubber knees. 

What a relief  that it was only a broken arm.

Son #1 thinks winter will end and bought himself a motorcycle. 


 I think they are trying to kill me.