Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eat, Drink and Wear a Big Hat

Tonight is ladies night.  We get together on the last Thursday of each month to eat and whine.  I think tonight I will be dominating  the whining conversation.

I have had a week like never before and all work related.

Orders weren't shipped, orders were shipped wrong,  suppliers were rude, customers were worse. My left eye twitches when the phone rings. Boss is away.

Tonight we ladies will wear tiaras and big floppy netted hats and toast to the upcoming royal nuptials.  (Important to most of us in the Commonwealth.)  We will also have several trays and plates of snacks - some Royal and some very pedestrian. I will complain that Kate doesn't have to tell 86 band students going to New Orleans that the shirts they ordered are an unfulfilled detail in their otherwise exciting trip.   That it doesn't matter that they won't look the same on stage.  They won't be convinced.   I will complain  that an order I did get ready on time was not picked up and that "maybe they will get it next week".  I will complain that my supplier blew me off to fill a larger and more important order.  All the time I will be wearing a big black floppy netted hat that in a previous life was a tutu.

My friends will be openly wishing I would go home.

So, an early Best Wishes and Good Luck! Kate and Will.  

Don't call on me to deliver the souvenir shirts for your event.


painting workshop said...

It is good to have some fun at times especially after a hectic week of work. Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh yes, the big hats....