Sunday, 10 April 2011

Walk of Shame down Memory Lane

Today I  started sewing this bathing suit.

 It is a pattern that I come back to time after time.  Its easy to construct and the end result is very comfortable and quite forgiving visually .  Each time I make a new one, or even put on an old one, I am reminded of the summer my sister and her family came for a visit. 

Adam was 3 months old and they wanted to go to the beach.
It was hot.      
So hot that children were crying as they walked across the beach to the lake as the sand burned their feet.  I was wearing this suit (see above) which I had made in a very bright royal blue.  I thought I looked pretty good for just having had a baby 3 months earlier.  The bottom of the suit was bothering me, riding up a bit.  I kept tugging at the  side trying to pull it down thinking that I couldn't have gained that much weight.  I am quite verbal so the people around me knew I was having an issue with the suit.    To be honest, probably everyone on the beach knew of my problem. After about an hour of tugging and complaining and carrying on I pulled the waistband out a little thinking that  might help the situation and what do I see?

   The crotch lining!!!   

The waistband was around my right leg, the right leg was on my left leg and the left leg was around my waist.  "I'VE GOT MY BATHING SUIT ON SIDEWAYS!'  I blurted out

The elderly gentleman sitting on the beach chair next to us  gave a smirk, a wink and a nod as if to say "you are an idiot"

I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel .

this is Adam and a buddy thirteen years later


The Moerks said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have been having a good chuckle reading through yours. My oldest son is a similar age to your 13 year old.
Just a thought as I think you are newish to blogland. I am finding the font a little hard to read. Most people who visit tend to scan quite quickly and will give up it it isn't easy to read. It is great for headings but maybe something a little plainer for your main content. I hope you are not offended by my observation it is meant in good faith. Deb

Joyful Things said...

thanks Deb - I'm still learning the art of blogging and I do appreciate the feedback. I want this site to be user friendly so please let me know how I can make it better. Offended? not at all - I have kids (brutally honest kids) - my skin is as thick as a rhino. Joy