Sunday, 3 April 2011

Something's Fishy


Today is a happy day - four fish survived the winter in our tiny pond!  Last fall we (BD the Royal We) bought an electric heater that floats on the top of the water and keeps away the ice and four of six feeder fish have survived the Canadian winter and are happily swimming about.  We calculate that our 59 cent fish are now worth about $68.00 each.  However, it's not all good news  .....   we have noticed a blue heron sitting on the neighbors roof looking over what it thinks is his buffet.  We know it thinks it is his buffet as he's dined here before.  Our dog Archie (see above) barks at, and chases, all the birds that fly over HIS yard - except for the herons.  They are too big,  bigger than he is,  and SCARY, they have big flappy wings and long legs and  huge beaks!  and all his terrier bravery leaves him. 
 Good Luck little fish!


Look Closely - Here are the Fish

 Have a great Sunday everyone!  J

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