Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Deep Fried Bears

We live at the base of a small mountain (not an Alps style mountain but a mountain none the less)  There is a lot of wildlife that call this area home.    It is not unusual to see bears or raccoons in our fruit trees fattening themselves up for the winter.  Similar to what I do as well .

Every year or so I will pull out my deep fryer and make donuts or calamari or some other equally unhealthy delicious dish and, because I don't want my kitchen covered in a fine film of oil, I put the deep fryer outside on the deck to do the cooking there.   I  also leave it out there to cool down after all the frying is done.
Last time I forgot to bring it in.

  Look here  

 This is where the fryer hit the deck when the bear tried to get to the oil.  

 Look here

This is the bear paw-prints showing the trail where the bear dragged my deep fryer  into the flower bed at the end of the deck to lick up all the oily goodness. 

  Look here

 This is my deep fryer going into this weekends garage sale.

Darn Bear!

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