Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Determined to Resolve the Problem with Coffee

This past New Year's Eve had me resolving to close the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers.
I didn't think it was an indictable offence but it makes my family crazy.
So I am trying.
It's almost as difficult as quitting smoking.  
 I was able to do that 30 years ago so how hard can it be to close a door or drawer?

Quite difficult, it seems.

This morning while pouring coffee into my travel mug my attention was drawn away from job at hand, body (and arm) shifted and I poured the coffee into the drawer which holds the baggies, plastic/foil/parchment wrap and other assorted landfill villains.

 I shall try harder.

Come the eve of 2015 those cupboards might be screwed shut but this resolution will be met!

and I think there might be some coffee in my celery stick baggie.

(I don't have a picture of it so here's a landscape painted with coffee)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Seatbelts and Valium

I was wrong and he was right.
He passed the written portion of his drivers test and
today he drove himself to school with me in the passenger seat, clenching my buttocks, trying not to scream out loud.
He would hate that.

So for the next while its Valium and Martinis for breakfast.
Just so I don't scream out loud.

16 and driving.
Why do I think he's still 10?

Buckle up mom - it's going to be a long ride.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Boy, that was a long Break

Like Mark Twain Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

It has been a while since I have been here. Reading or Writing. But I am among the living.

During my Hiatus I turned 60.  
My ladies had a big weekend bash for me  at the lake where I wore a tiara, a pink boa and drank way too much of everything.  Husbands were at home looking after pets and laundry.  Offspring were worried pictures would land on Social Media. They did not.  I do love my ladies.

Baby William, my grand nephew who had just been born, is the sweetest child I have ever met - I love him best. 
Don't tell my boys - they think they are my favorites .

On my last update my Brother In Law had just been diagnosed with cancer - he endured 10 months of treatment, pain and worry and passed away last August.

My sister had been kicking cancer in the ass since 1992.  She had surgeries, chemo, radiation in rapid ongoing succession for those 21 years and passed away this February.  
She had such stamina.  I would have given up so much sooner. 
I think she didn't want people going through her stuff. 
Her husbands heart is broken.

Son # 2 turned 16 today.  He's going to take his driving test today after school.  
He didn't study the 'book' - he says he'll do just fine. 
We'll see.  
He bought a car and new speakers in anticipation of being mobile.  I fear he'll be listening to the stereo in the driveway.
He dances to his own tune - I love him best

Son #1 is negotiation the purchase a VW camperized van so he 'has somewhere to sleep' when he 'stays out too late'.  
Won't his date's dad be happy to see that thing pull up in front of the house prior to his daughters evening out! 
He starts exams next week finishing his first year of Science at UBCO.  
He is a very hard worker I love him best.

In the local news an elderly gentleman shot and killed his wife of 62 years  - she was suffering from a debilitating illness and dementia and they had a pact he said.  
Because he honored their pact, he will go to jail.
Because I don't want my husband or boys to go to jail I told them when I was failing and just to let me wander off.  
 But I hate to be cold so they should please see that I wander off in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
They were in full agreement until I told them I would return the favor.  

Speaking of elderly - that is how they will describe me if I'm mowed down by a car in the crosswalk - elderly. 
 Elderly? I think not! 60 is the new 55.