Friday, 22 April 2011

Fight for a Flight of Stairs

We need a new staircase.  Ours is carpeted - nasty and worn carpet. I hate vacuuming and Archie is a shedder so it needs to be vacuumed every day.   It needs doing every day, it doesn't get done every day.   I would like to have wood but I am met with much resistance - too loud, too cold, too slippery.

 I am submitting pictures to my family for them to choose something , my husband is such a traditionalist, here are a few I know he will veto.

 I know the boys would like this one.
how to build spiral staircase

I wouldn't feel right about cutting old-growth trees so that I could have this one but it sure is impressive.  Kind of large, though, for our little house.

No more cocktails for me if we install this.  Can't have that!

I'd never make it to the top with this one - take a step - stop and read, take another step stop and read.

We could recycle the boys skateboards.

We could get rid of our dressers if we went with this one, but I NEVER close drawers or cupboards so chances are good that I would end up in the sock drawer .

Unique Spiral Staircase Monumental Design

I think this is the one we will go with. Pretty plain  just like us!

 I wonder if, like the hedge, it will take three years to get done.

This is not a picture of my husband trimming the hedge - but it's similar.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh geez! I had seen the books stairway and we had something similar in our last house, but they always got covered with dog hair falling down onto the tops!

Joyful Things said...

that darn dog sheds on everything !!!! I thought of making a no-shed cover for Archie out of pantyhose but didn't for two reasons. One , because he would shred it into little bits and two, because he would be humiliated in front of his dog friends.