Saturday, 16 April 2011

A bit of Stuff about Nothing

Clown Poppies

I planted these things one year and now have a yard full - they are everywhere.

We saw written on a T-Shirt the other day:
Dear Math,
I am not a psychologist.

Solve you own problems

T-shirt logos from

While I was in my sewing room cleaning up (yeah right)  I thought I would make my boy a new lunch bag, the fabric has kevlar in it.  Not bullet proof and certainly not "lose" proof.  Lunchbags are like socks in the laundry - it's a big mystery on where they end up.  I have my suspicions that he's throwing them away - the lunch bags - not the socks. 

The garage sale went well - I still have the mystery press, the onion blossom cutter, the piano and the old stove but boxes and boxes of stuff went to some very nice people and I hope they will not have buyers remorse.

  I also sold a lot of pottery.

It was a great opportunity to see neighbors that we haven't run into over the winter months and to meet the new neighbors who moved in across the street two weeks ago.  My husband met her husband the day after they moved in when her husband was trying, single handedly and unsuccessfully, to haul a washing machine up their front steps.  I was watching his attempts from my front window and poked my head out to ask my husband, who was pruning trees, to go over and help.  "It's the neighbourly thing to do" I said.  His look was a dirty one as the last time I said that it turned into a four hour job and he was not a happy man.

 Helping someone is just the right thing to do.

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