Monday, 25 April 2011

Read Them - then Weep

Am I the only one with a magazine obsession?  Not just to buy and read, but to never, ever, dispose of them.  I have magazines dating back to 1972.  I am like the "crazy cat lady" - people keep dropping their magazines off at my door for me to deal with.

Am I keeping them for the home decorating?

How about fashion?

(what the heck is Rappie Pie)

The other day I was "cleaning" and "organizing" which equates to moving three magazines and then reading them (well, flipping through really) and I was struck by an idea.  Don't put them in the recycle bin but  recycle them myself.  I have seen that people make beads from magazine pages.  The page is cut into long triangular strips and then rolled into beads.

 I thought, I like to make things so surely this would be a good thing for me to do.

So here are the beads I made in one evening.  This amount used up two pages of a magazine. And at the lightening speed at which I produce these things I should have enough beads to make a bracelet in about three weeks and be finished rolling all the magazines into beads by the year 2211.

If I make beads out of all these magazines, stacks and stacks of them......

......then I think the resulting beads will use up more space than the magazines themselves.

I may need help.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

fashion? OH MY! <<<<< !

Razmataz said...

I was in Home Sense this weekend and they had jewlry boxes, trays, picture frames and other things coverered with these magazine beads. I thik they were Vietnamese. They were quite lovely.