Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Determined to Resolve the Problem with Coffee

This past New Year's Eve had me resolving to close the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers.
I didn't think it was an indictable offence but it makes my family crazy.
So I am trying.
It's almost as difficult as quitting smoking.  
 I was able to do that 30 years ago so how hard can it be to close a door or drawer?

Quite difficult, it seems.

This morning while pouring coffee into my travel mug my attention was drawn away from job at hand, body (and arm) shifted and I poured the coffee into the drawer which holds the baggies, plastic/foil/parchment wrap and other assorted landfill villains.

 I shall try harder.

Come the eve of 2015 those cupboards might be screwed shut but this resolution will be met!

and I think there might be some coffee in my celery stick baggie.

(I don't have a picture of it so here's a landscape painted with coffee)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Seatbelts and Valium

I was wrong and he was right.
He passed the written portion of his drivers test and
today he drove himself to school with me in the passenger seat, clenching my buttocks, trying not to scream out loud.
He would hate that.

So for the next while its Valium and Martinis for breakfast.
Just so I don't scream out loud.

16 and driving.
Why do I think he's still 10?

Buckle up mom - it's going to be a long ride.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Boy, that was a long Break

Like Mark Twain Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

It has been a while since I have been here. Reading or Writing. But I am among the living.

During my Hiatus I turned 60.  
My ladies had a big weekend bash for me  at the lake where I wore a tiara, a pink boa and drank way too much of everything.  Husbands were at home looking after pets and laundry.  Offspring were worried pictures would land on Social Media. They did not.  I do love my ladies.

Baby William, my grand nephew who had just been born, is the sweetest child I have ever met - I love him best. 
Don't tell my boys - they think they are my favorites .

On my last update my Brother In Law had just been diagnosed with cancer - he endured 10 months of treatment, pain and worry and passed away last August.

My sister had been kicking cancer in the ass since 1992.  She had surgeries, chemo, radiation in rapid ongoing succession for those 21 years and passed away this February.  
She had such stamina.  I would have given up so much sooner. 
I think she didn't want people going through her stuff. 
Her husbands heart is broken.

Son # 2 turned 16 today.  He's going to take his driving test today after school.  
He didn't study the 'book' - he says he'll do just fine. 
We'll see.  
He bought a car and new speakers in anticipation of being mobile.  I fear he'll be listening to the stereo in the driveway.
He dances to his own tune - I love him best

Son #1 is negotiation the purchase a VW camperized van so he 'has somewhere to sleep' when he 'stays out too late'.  
Won't his date's dad be happy to see that thing pull up in front of the house prior to his daughters evening out! 
He starts exams next week finishing his first year of Science at UBCO.  
He is a very hard worker I love him best.

In the local news an elderly gentleman shot and killed his wife of 62 years  - she was suffering from a debilitating illness and dementia and they had a pact he said.  
Because he honored their pact, he will go to jail.
Because I don't want my husband or boys to go to jail I told them when I was failing and just to let me wander off.  
 But I hate to be cold so they should please see that I wander off in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
They were in full agreement until I told them I would return the favor.  

Speaking of elderly - that is how they will describe me if I'm mowed down by a car in the crosswalk - elderly. 
 Elderly? I think not! 60 is the new 55.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Happy. Sad


William Charles L*******k was born on December 4th 2012 after a quick 4 hours labour weighing in at 8 lbs on the nose.
 17 years less a day since we had Son #1.

My sister is over the moon to be his grandma.

He is cuter than cute and, trust me, I am not biased in this opinion at all!

Pictures will follow once I pay Blogger for the priviledge to post pics of our new family member.


My husband's brother has been diagnosed with cancer.

It's an agressive form.
It's in his bowel, colon, intestines and liver.

He has a wife and three young sons.
He is getting treatment and we are praying for a positive outcome.

Life can change in the blink of an eye.

Tell those you love how you feel.
Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
Keep a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

Monday, 3 December 2012

too old...

I went to an exercise class tonight.

Oh God.

I'm uncoordinated.

I run like a girl.

I have no strength.

I can do three skip ropes in a row.

I nearly screamed out loud when I had to do a bench press.

I'm really good with a hula hoop.

No one openly laughed at me.

I'm going back on Thursday.

I am a sucker for punishment. determined to get into shape.

Friday, 30 November 2012

More Ramblings about the past Few Days

Son #1 passed his drivers test on Wednesday and can now drive off in the car without me. 

On the baby front, he is taking his time showing his face. 
His grandma (my sister)  is there until after Christmas - maybe that's why he's taking his time.

I have bought zero Christmas gifts to-date. 
 My friend is finished.
 Hearing this puts me in a panic.

We have spent nearly $10,000 in dental work this year between the two boys. 
 Now the vet says Archie the dog needs dental work. This will set us back nearly $2300.
 Does anyone else do this or am I being scammed?


I made vinetarta last weekend. Son #2 announced that he'd forgotten just how delicious it was and how much he loved it. 
For those of you who are unfamiliar, vinetarta is an 8 layered Icelandic cake.
 My gramma (Arnebjorg Bjarnarson) used to make it at Christmas and now I do too. 
We love it!
 Compared to other Icelandic delicacies like roast goat or blood pudding this is a very gentle nod to the Icelandic traditions.


Every year we go to the hills and cut down a Christmas tree.  This year The Husband thinks we should cut one down that grows in our yard near  the driveway.  
First the Advent Calendar, now the tree - I see Christmas traditions crumbling around me.

I was going to post a picture of it but Blogger tells me I have gone over my "quota" and now need to purchase space. 
I walked down the driveway and through shrubery in my slippers! to take the picture 
So from this post on Words Only!

The Volunteer Fire Dept is having their annual Christmas party this Saturday.  
We do Secret Santa after dinner.  There is a $15.00 limit and most of the gifts are fun, useful or alcoholic.  
My friend bought a candle making kit where one uses his own penis to make the mold. 
This is it.

 Clone A Willy Candle Kit - $23.00 Sale! $19.85
  This kit contains:  Custom molding tube designed to accommodate virtually any penis, even the curved ones  Specially timed molding gel. Warm, algae-based molding gel is specially timed so you’re guaranteed to get a perfect mold of your erect willy!  Cinnamon scented paraffin wax. Allows even the most intricate detail to be reproduced exactly as it appears on the original.  Wooden skewer to poke the wick through your mold.See directions in kit for how this works.  Candle wick.  Easy to follow directions.  Simple and fun step-by-step process allows anyone to create their own professional replica quickly and easily.

If you want to see what it looks like click this link.

I hope I don't choose her gift....

Pinned Image

And while you are at it Santa,  please ask Blogger to give me more photo space so I don't have to move to TypePad!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Do You Know What Today Is?

I didn't either.

Today is World "Hello" Day.

So be sure to make someone's day, smile and say Hello!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Stuff About Nothing and No More Word Verification

They said they didn't want to do this again this year - that they are getting too old.
I made this thing when Son #1 was two and Son #2 was on the way.
It took me hours to make those characters - by the time I got to the cow and camels I knew proportion was not an option.

Let's just call this 'folk art'

I knew this was coming - last year the Wise Men were standing on their heads, the camels were perched on the palm tree trunks and we had sheep in the sky instead of angels and stars.

I think instead of putting chocolate in each pocket (along with the figure to put in the nativity scene) I will put money into the pockets.
That should spark the desire to carry on this tradition.
Bribery, you are my friend.

And boys, when I said "Grow Up!"  I did not mean giving up stuff like this.

It's winter here and pretty nice.  
Son #1 likes to take photos and this is a picture he took in the hills near our house.  

The doe and her two babies  went about their daily activities while photos were taken of them.  They were aware that Sean was there but seemed not to care.  
He has 30 minutes of pictures and this one is my favourite. 
 I love how her tongue is licking the lichen off the tree branch.

Photo: Early morning snow hike. Found a friend

My niece and her husband are expecting a baby in less than  2 weeks. 

 I'm excited - even though I am almost 3000 miles away from them.  
I have been sewing and making baby things - this is the quilt I sent.  
The nursery has a dog theme.
Their baby is a boy!

Photo: It's finished and will be in the mail tomorrow.

This is some of the other stuff I made.

My pottery room is full (over-full really) of items that need to be glazed.
Lots of beads and pendants for jewelry - fussy, piddly stuff.

To go with these that are waiting to be strung.

Many of these are Christmas orders.
 I hate the glazing process.
Maybe I'd like it more if my pottery room wasn't the size of a closet.

I am stalling and putting it off..

Procrastination, you are not my friend.
I should do something about that.

Maybe tomorrow.

I'm going to Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal with The Ladies on Tuesday night - so excited!

I know I will try some of their moves once I leave the building.
 I hope for full black-out darkness when I try this leap.
 I know it will not be successful.
Or pretty.

And now I am leaving the house to go and pick up Son #1 from Silver Star Mountain Resort where he spent the night with 27 other people in his friend's dad's new condo.
I hope the condo is still in respectable condition when they leave.

I can't wait until he passes his N driver road test - two more weeks!!
Fingers are crossed that he doesn't make any mistakes - his friend hit a pedestrian - just a small nudge but a failure none the less.
I sympathize as did the same to a State Trooper in a Key West Florida gas station.

He was very nice and only limped for a short time.

Like an old car that needs a tune up, I have run-on.
So I'll chug to a stop now.

Have a great weekend everyone.

word verification is off and comment moderation is on.
Whew! what an ordeal it is dealing with computer robots.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Robot Spam Annihilator

My lovely friend Suzanne , who is much smarter than I, suggested I use word verification for my comments section.

This is why I love the blog world - I meet so many people who help me with my struggles.  

Thank you Suz!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

)(^#*&%&^@& !!! SPAM

Everyday I get approximately 1600 spam comments and they fill up my email box and many of your comments get deleted as they get lumped in with the spam  and I just don't have time to go through every &^$%(#*&^ Ambien  comment so for now I am shutting off my comments section.

I hate to do this - I love hearing what you have to say and I love the dialogue we continue once you place your comment.

Really, I have met some wonderful people through this site and this is almost like saying  I don't want you to come over for a visit.
But that's not true , please, don't leave me.

So,  if you want to write something to me, please add my email to your contacts list or friend me on Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/joy.donovan.31

What's that saying?  'We won't let the bastards win'?  

Okay you Ambien Bastards my comments will be turned off on Sunday Night November 11, 2012.

It hurts me to do this.

And don't tell them but in a month or so (???) when they've forgotten about me,  I will turn my comments section back on.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Art of Conversation


I know there are several things you can say to open up dialogue with someone.
What you say can strike a chord, nerve or memory and often some pretty interesting conversations ensue.

The local radio station, on this mornings drive into town,  asked the question, 'should men sit or stand to do the pee pee.'

Apparently this is a hot topic - there were hundreds of calls.
Lots of people had an opinion on this topic and wanted us to know what that opinion was.

I have lots to say about lots of things but peeing position is not one of them.

Have we run out of things to talk about?


“I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.” 
― Oscar Wilde

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Love It or Hate It

We had a wee bit of snow and The Boys were out trying gather together enough snow to start the build of their front yard snowboard park.

This photo below does not pertain to them as they would shovel all day long just to build some jumps.

For the rest of us this is just too close to home.

Their shovelling efforts were in vain - the sun came out and now the snow is gone.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Last night The Boys and I went for a run.

Not far, 1 km out 1 km back.

When we were returning home Son #1 said "mom, you run like your shoes are going to fall off."

Thank goodness it was dark  and no one could see me try to kill him.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mammograms and Ogopogo Hallucinations

Once a year I go for a mammogram.

Not the most pleasant experience but, by far, not the worst.

And it is quick.
 In, strip, four images and leave.
10 minutes to save your life.

I don't always get the same technician.  
Some are young, some are old, some are chatty, some are funny, some are odd.

Friday's technician fell into the last category.

She and her husband were driving back from Vancouver and when they passed through Peachland or Summerland, or one of those tiny towns perched on top of a mountain side with a clear and full view of Okanagan Lake, when she saw Ogopogo.

Ogopogo is a mythological creature similar to the Loch Ness Monster.
It is said to live in Okanagan Lake.

Several say they have seen it and the only documentation is some wave action where this water creature was said to be.

I'm pretty sure it isn't real but I still panic when weeds touch my legs.

Back to my mammography technician story.

She told me, while standing behind her protective screen, while I was trapped - held captive really - in her imaging machine that people who do not believe that Ogopogo exists are really narrow minded and she was going to, single handed if necessary, right the world of this wrong.

'Get any pictures of it?' I asked (knowing the answer would be no.)

"Everyone wants pictures! is it not enough to just realize that we are not alone in this world? That other things exist?"

I was getting a bit nervous.

'Did your husband see it too?' I asked
'Of course not, he was driving.'

Uh huh - just as I thought.

My take on her sighting of this mythical creature?

I hope someone reads the results of my screening.
I'm not sure what she might see in the image of the insides of my breasts..


These aren't mine.
Mine aren't that perky.