Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Happy Birthday andThe Seeds of OCD

Our son Adam will be 13 tomorrow.   He is a boy with a killer sense of humor who always has us laughing.  I am so happy we have him in our family! 

This is him on the right trying to look tough.
Happy Birthday Adam

This is some of his art

I started some seeds tonight - I should be able to put the resulting plants in the garden at the end of May.  Last fall when I was dealing with the intense amount of produce (canning, freezing, chasing neighbors down the street with bags of tomatoes, squash and carrots, and making numerous trips to the food bank) I decided that NO MORE!  I would NOT plant 24 tomato plants, I would NOT plant 20 hills of potatoes,  I would NOT plant artichokes (artichokes??? what was I thinking!!!) I would NOT be planting every seed in every spare corner of the garden because there was just too much.

 It must be OCD because when I pulled out the bag with all those beautiful seeds I was overcome. 

You'll hear from me again in the fall when I complain about having too much produce.

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