Monday, 4 April 2011

Beautiful Bird and a Budding Photographer

My 15 year old son Sean, soon (too soon) to be 16, has a big interest in photography.  We will often find him out in the yard, sneaking up on wildlife like a predator about to get its prey.   Camera almost touching the bees in the flowers, muttering that he needs a new lens - hoping I'll hear and say lets go shopping.
 I am deaf to his "need"s.
But he is getting pretty good, so I asked him to take a photo of me for my blog profile.   Sadly, even he can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

He has also built this birdhouse at school in woodshop - pretty good I think!  He made it from one plank of walnut and one plank of birch.  He cut then glued together the different woods for the body, turned the top and bottom finials on the lathe, assembled and put a protective urethane coating on it.  I think he's pretty talented.  I Love you Sean!

Today at work I was eating my lunch that BD had packed for me (what a great guy!) It was left over roast pork dinner,  I commented that too bad he hadn't sent some gravy for the potatoes and maybe I should speak to him about  it later at home.

For my afternoon snack I grabbed some rain coast crackers and a small tub of peanut butter from my lunch bag.  I dipped the cracker into the somewhat runny peanut butter took a big bite and Eureka!! I found the gravy.  I think I owe an apology to BD for my attack on his lunch packing skills.

Lame - somedays I'm just lame.

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