Thursday, 30 June 2011

And so It Begins.

This is actually the post I tried to post yesterday but was unable due to some kind of stuff happening with my computer - today all is good (so far, fingers crossed) 

Yesterday was Sean's final Provincial exam and the official end of the school year.

Last night was Awards night at his school.  He was getting two awards.

He didn't dress for the occasion.

Both boys were so unimpressed with the evening's events that Adam stayed home.

In his report card envelope today, along with the two awards last night, were four additional certificates of accomplishments and excellence.  He's such a keener.

 A month into his first year of high school he said to me "If the teachers think you like them they give better grades.  You just have to smile and ask them how they are". 

That's actually a good life skill.
I wonder how often he uses that ploy on me?

He phoned me at work about 2:30 today - "I'm bored"

And so summer vacation begins.......


Pearl said...

I like this kid. :-) He's absolutely right.

And he's good-looking, which helps.

If at all possible, it's best to be good-looking, bright, and a smiler. He will go far!


Mark said...

Your kids say the funniest things.
Your Friend, m.
P.S. He's on to something by the way. I've been using those same tactics for 43 years now and am getting by just fine. m.