Wednesday, 1 June 2011

One of us Needs to Grow Up

Son number two will be starting high school in September and it's time for him to grow up a bit.  Or maybe it's time for me to loosen the rope that securely ties him to me.  

So we are sending him to summer camp.

It is a teen camp, boys and girls, bible based and quite remote.

The camp itself is about a mile and a half from the lake where they swim, canoe, hike and horse around.

As at todays date no one has lost their life there.

Activities include bible studies, campfires, paint balling, horseback riding, afore mentioned water activities,  skits, theme nights and making and bonding with new friends.

Son number one has gone there for the past three years and absolutely loves it.  He's not going this year and  wishes he was, but he has bigger fish to fry - EarthQuest.
   We were concerned when we dropped him off as it looked like an assortment of sheds, a converted barn and a big grassy field.  Note to self - don't judge a book by it's cover.

And  (this is big)  they have showers and flushers.

This is the main cabin where they cook and hang out if the weather is not good.  
"not good weather" is a thunder storm.


They have to clean up after helping make meals.

Then they get to play.

These are pictures of the cabins and the dining area.

I'm so excited that he's going.  I'm so scared that he's going.

I have 6 weeks of worry leading up to the date the camp starts and another 6 excruciating days when he's there.

  Lord help me.


Mark said...

Better you than me. I'm not ready for my kids to go to a sleepaway camp. But I guess the day will come when one of them will ask to go. I'll seek you guidance then. m.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH! Wow, maybe older son will be telling him how lucky he is to go?