Friday, 17 June 2011

Floral Friday - and Get Yer Gun Mrs. there's Vermin in that Yard

It's still raining with small bursts of sunshine every once in a while just to tease us.
My garden is growing quite nicely but there have been very few opportunities to be out there enjoying it.  I asked the boys to take photos for me when they got home from school yesterday if the sun was shining,

The sun wasn't shining and this is what they shot.

I thought about sitting out on the deck in a lounge chair with a hot chocolate and rum (or peppermint schnapps) and listening to the thunder and watching my husband plant these cedars:


to hide this:

It would look worse but my husband goes over there with the Weed Whacker.

Nice people, our neighbors, but collectors of junk with delusions of restoring, repairing and repurposing.
I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen and I think a badger has moved in


They say good fences make good neighbors,  In our case it will be tall hedges make good neighbors but this is the garage he started building three years ago -  it's been like this for two.

Where do I find emerald cedars that tall? The ones in the picture are 6 footers.

Anyway the rain kept pouring down, the cedars didn't get planted , we had macaroni and cheese for dinner, I didn't have the lounge on the deck with a hot drink,  I didn't blog, I didn't clean the house, I didn't go in my pottery room, we all watched some mindless show on TV and I feel guilty about dissing my neighbors for not doing anything over there.

Pot calling the kettle black?  I think so.


mermaid gallery said...

No lazy lout, you....that garden is gorgeous and looks very well cared for....I'm afraid we have a shed that looks a lot like your neighbors....but we have no neighbors.... so it's just us that has to look at bothers me a lot! The rainy weather slows everybody down. We need some sun to get motivated....soon...soon...until then, I fight the lazy lout tendency.....

Joyful Things said...

It's not lazy on their part - its busy - and he works night shifts and we would be really annoyed if he were out there hammering after midnight! So, like the closet, there should be a project rule - for every one thing that goes in, one thing should go out.....

lines n shades said...

your pictures say so much... wonderful :)

Razmataz said...

Look for skyrocket cedars. Tall and thin and will block that garage once and for all.

OneCraftyFox said...

Goodness, your garden is gorgeous!! Nothing wrong with avoiding your neighbors every once in a while ;)

Have a great weekend!