Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dangerous Sports - Extreme Injuries and Medicated Mommies

Our boys like to snowboard, mountain bike and wakeboard.  As they get older this list gets longer.

During the times they are participating in some of these activities is when I am sorry Valium went out of fashion.

Longboarding is a big sport here as we have lots of streets and roads for them to race down.  

They can reach speeds of 65 - 70km in this race.

This isn't either of our boys - this is a friend.

This too is neither of our boys, nor is it their friend, just a random longboarder with a broken leg.
He told Sean he was glad someone finally took a picture of it as no one had.

Looks sore....

School Rugby

More school rugby

In Sean's first/last year of rugby his basketball coach told him to quit rugby as "pencil neck geeks like us don't play rugby".   During the first game he played  one teammate ran into another teammate, both where taken to hospital in ambulance - one with a minor shoulder break and one with a concussion and fractured skull.
They run pretty fast and hit pretty hard.

Now Sean takes photos of  the rugby games, thank goodness.

The player in the photo above, getting sandwiched by the other two boys, didn't get hurt during rugby season but last weekend he was playing frisbee and broke his collar bone.

How did he survive getting slammed by large bodies only to break a bone tossing a small piece of plastic?

Would it be okay if I just took a small Valium?


Mark said...

I've changed my mind. I now want my boys to stay babies. m.

mermaid gallery said...

brutal!...that broken leg looks awful...and painful....just accept there will be hospital visits...and stock up on ativan....much nicer anti anxiety drug than valium....

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh THANKS for the shot of the broken leg, ugh!