Tuesday, 21 June 2011

No need to get Wordy

Tonight was my grade seven boy's graduation ceremony.  This will be the end of elementary school for him and on into high school.  He's pretty excited -  not for the graduation but for high school.

He had to write a speech for his turn at the podium (there are only 24 of them - we're a pretty small school) and it read:

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Adam and I have been going to Lavington School since 2003, and from the first day of kindergarten my mother has been nagging me to do my homework.  But I know there is more to come.  Now I would like to introduce Alicia.

He is a man of few words.


Mark said...

That was the best speech, ever!
I bet that smart-ass Alicia dragged her's out.
Congrats to Adam! A man of few words.

Millie said...

Lovely you got a mention in Adam's speech Joy, I bet all the other Mother's were giving you the evil eye of jealousy!
Millie x

Gary's third pottery blog said...

i thought it was your son, front and center, with the blue shoes :) Looks a lot like you, hmm? :)