Saturday, 2 July 2011

Enriched, Revived, Restored

Yesterday was Canada Day.  While people were cottaging, enjoying Canada Day Celebrations, playing slow pitch in the local tournament, boating and entertaining, I was reading.  I reread Trinity and Pillars of the Earth.  Both fairly large books which I started early Thursday evening and finished late Friday night (Saturday morning really).  

Sean was at a friends house and slept over, Adam was Paintballing and at a friends and husband was rebuilding or repairing his dirt bike.  I'm not sure what he was doing, I just heard noise in the garage.

I had no one to feed, no driving to do, no obligations. A wonderful day.

I don't recall mentioning in my earlier post, a few things about me, that when I read I become deeply immersed.  Like Nero everything could burn down around me, unnoticed, while my head is buried in a book.  

I think that is why my family insist I don't read - because I become anti-social,  they say.

I think they are being a bit picky.

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