Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fear, Loathing and Revenge at the Beatnik Cafe

Hey, you cool cats, Adam (son number two) had Beatnik Cafe at his school last night.  

The students have been writing poems for the last month, anguishing about reading them in front of an audience and preparing excuses for not having to go.  We were all to dress in beatnik fashion, no applause - finger snapping only, drink coffee and be cool, daddy-o.

Last night there was a major thunderstorm with a four hour power outage that started at 5:30 .  

The show must go on.

  While the teacher had always planned on having the "coffee house" a darkened room it was several times darker than he had imagined  and at the podium was a flashlight so the students could see to read their creative thoughts.

They were to go up in random order.

No one budged.

We sat silently in the dark.  

Eventually one brave soul went up and read his poetry, it started the domino effect and soon all the kids were  willingly going up and reading.

There was a main theme to the evening - "everyone hates me" or "I have no friends" or "what does it matter, we're all going to die anyway" and the best "watch out you jerk, I will get you".

I didn't realize the lives of  12 and 13 year old were so hopeless and miserable!

Lighten up kids - the best is yet to come.


Razmataz said...

Oh the teenage years....aren't they marvelous?

Mark said...

I think it's so cool that their theme was so sad and they read them in the dark. Too cool, daddie-o! m.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, thank GOD I grew up :)

Tanya said...

Those teens have so many negative emotions sometimes! Sounds like a very revealing night!