Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hair Do's - and Don'ts

This is a California Quail - there are thousands of them in our area and they eat the seeds I plant in my garden or they eat the vegetables that grow in my garden.

They are kinda cute and they run funny.

The chicks are adorable

When they aren't eating things in my garden they spend their time on the road, dodging cars.

When I first moved here I noticed that the women/girls copied the style of the Quail - not in the way they run but the hair style. I called it the Quail-Do but I found out recently (during Margarita night) that it was known as the Claw of Bangs usually worn with a pony-tail.

 You know how they say that people start to look like their pets after a while?  

We looked like our wildlife.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

QUAIL-Do? :)

Mark said...

That's so very sad. ha! m.