Sunday, 1 May 2011

Can't She Control those Kids!

Children are like tattoos. You see other peoples' & they're cool, but yours are never as good & you can't get rid of them.

My friend gave me a dressmakers form.  It was her moms, who has passed away, and as my friend does not sew she asked me if I wanted to have it.  I said not for myself but I thought I knew of someone who might like it. 
This young person wants to be a dress designer and having a try-on model who stands patiently and doesn't offer up opinions is perfect.  Turns out this young person has changed their mind on becoming a dress designer and doesn't want the form after all.  I will be giving it to our high school

However..... until I am able to take it to the school this is what this dress form has been up to thanks to my boys.

She hides around corners.

She hides in closets.

  She hides in the bathroom shower. 

All the time dressed like this!

They say they love me - but sometimes I wonder....


Millie said...

The relative success of my blog has been due to one thing & one thing only - the ongoing antics of our 5 Practical Joker sons. Who cares that they are not Neurosurgeons or Barristers, they have something more important, a cracking sense of the ridiculous. And doesn't this world need more of that! You are very lucky that your mob are the same - cherish it!!
Millie x

Joyful Things said...

Very true indeed - one of the first things I copied here was the line that shows up in your page 'No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it all too seriously.' I love those sentiments - we all need to laugh, especially at ourselves. And that happens a lot in our house.