Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where in the World

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Upon hearing its name, it doesn't seem to be the kind of town you would exactly be comfortable telling your mom about. But as many curious tourists have discovered, Dildo, Newfoundland is actually the kind of place you can take your mom and entire family to - only you might get tomato-faced if kids ask about that, uh, name.

Named one of Canada's prettiest towns, the charming historical fishing village was founded in the late 1700s with a history dating back to the time of its early residents, the Maritime Archaic aboriginal people, in 2,000 B.C. No one can say for sure how it got its moniker. It's believed the place was named after Dildo Arm, or Dildo Harbour. Theories range from a Spanish sailor with that name who had visited the area to its more blush-worthy definition, the phallus. Dildonians are nonetheless proud of their town, refusing to change its name, even as it has brought both fame and notoriety, with plenty of wisecracks in between.

This just doesn't seem right.

This article got me thinking that there might be other towns where you might be somewhat embarrased to give out your address. Not trying to poke fun at you if you live in one of these towns (okay maybe that's not true) here are a few, and these are Canada only. What about the rest of the world!

There is Ta Ta Creek, British Columbia; Stand Off, Alberta; Climax, Saskatchewan

There's also a Primate, Sask; Plenty, Sask which is surprisingly close to Biggar, Sask.; Finger, Manitoba; Ochiichagwebabigoining, Ontario (huh?);

Saint-Loius-du-Ha-Ha! , Quebec;

Pokemouche, New Brunswick; Crapaud, Prince Edward Island; Roachvale, Nova Scotia and Jerry's Nose, Newfoundland.

The population of some of these places is quite small - which is not surprising.

Who says "Hey! let's move to Wawa"

Apparently its safer to live in Swastika, Ontario than in Asbestos, Quebec.

I grew up in a community called Steel Bridge which was very close to a community called Golden Stream......


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