Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ahh the Weekend - Days of Rest

This is not my yard. 

Last weekend we washed windows and it was so lovely for the few  days  hours that they were sparkling clean.
This is what has happened during those short seven days:

It rained.
Adam and two of his friends did 'breath-fog art' on three windows.
Archie (the dog) presses his nose against the panes when he looks out the windows - he's looked out of five windows several times this week. 
The birds have returned and, in the process of fattening up for mating season, they eat way too much food.  I am astounded how they can poop sideways!  Two upstairs windows got direct hits.

I cleaned them today but I was not happy.

Maybe if I had the husband put in some window boxes it would be enough of a distraction  from the unclean panes.

Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton's photostream  

Its been warm here and this is what the creek drainage ditch looks like today.  I think I'll give the tax man a call.  He'll probably raise the rates because of the potential for  'free tree removal'.

I planted the rest of the garden today and once again I will have enough produce for the entire neighborhood.  I am resisting the urge (an exercise in futility) to plant potatoes  because of the potato beetles.  
I kept space available. 

These are the potato beetle larvae,  I get to squish those things if I plant potatoes.  Maybe if I keep looking at this picture the potatoes won't get planted.

Now I am going to ride my bike to the ATM as both boys 'need money for school tomorrow'.
And I thought education was free!

I read this somewhere and remember the words but don't recall who wrote it but it sums up my boys in these few lines:

"When his mom screeched that he treated the house like a hotel he called reception to complain about the maids attitude."


Gary's third pottery blog said...

boys, in my day I had to hike uphill to.... :)

Mark said...

You are joking about "resting" on the weekend, right? I come to work to rest. m.

Joyful Things said...

I don't mean to sound like I'm the only one doing the work around here - the rest of the family were building the retaining wall. If they want to complain about all the work they did they can start their own blog! :>)