Monday, 16 May 2011

There's Something Scary in the Water

Other peoples adventures are often more interesting  than my own.

My friend V and her husband went on a trip to Hawaii.  V doesn't swim and is afraid of water but she figured there is more to Hawaii than the ocean.

Around Day 4 V's husband insisted  on going snorkling.  After three days he had convinced her to at least go to the beach and consider it. She relented, assuming she could sit on the beach under a tree, read a book, sip a cooling beverage and have a great afternoon - which she did. 
That evening was filled with his recounting of the glorious underwater sights he had experienced that day.

Day 5 and V's husband wanted to go snorkling again.  But this time he insisted that she snorkle too.  She relented once again.  Equipment was rented and as she stood at the waters edge planning her foray into the deep blue it was decided that she would be better off paddling around in the shallows - nothing deeper than the bottom of the ocean bed touching her stomach as she floated/crawled.  As  time passed  V became more relaxed and adventurous.  The sea life was beautiful and it was all very calming and surreal.  She even made it out as far as waist deep and was thrilled with her accomplishment as she knew her husband would be too. 
She noticed him standing in the water and decided to go out and surprise him, his orange and blue swim shorts a bright beacon in the water. 
When she finally arrived where he was standing she stretched out her arm and, from behind, reached through his legs and gave him a wifely fondle. 

The man whose equipment she had cupped was surprisingly calm but definitely not her husband. 

She gasped, snorted, swallowed ocean water, coughed then ran, swam, moved as fast as she could in her rented flippers toward the beach and away from the humiliation.

It wasn't over.
 For the next six days whenever she saw the familiar stranger in the hotel lobby he gave an ever so slight smile and nod.

'But they were wearing the same swimming shorts!' she insisted.

Uh Huh.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh GOLLY! If I was either one of them, I would NEVER go near the ocean again ;)

Mark said...

Oh my! Even I blushed. m.

Joyful Things said...

I'll bet when he tells his side of the story no one believes him.