Sunday, 22 May 2011

Something else scary in the water

The area in which we live has a lot of lakes - Okanagan, Kalamalka, Swan, Mable, Sugar, Skaha, and many other smaller lakes.  It is beautiful here.

Okanagan Lake

A lot of people think there is a "lake monster" living in these waters.    They call it Ogopogo.  A few years ago there was a million dollar bounty on it's head but no one was able to prove it's existence.

This is what they think it looks like - pretty big.  We go out on the lake often and I haven't seen it.

I know it's not real but sometimes when I'm in the water and a piece of seaweed touches me I panic a bit .

Kalamalka Lake

There have been no reports of lake monsters here.

Today, when we swim, we will be in an indoor water park - no monsters there - except for the one's we're bringing....