Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thank You Queen Victoria

In  honor of  Queen Victoria we get a day off from work on Monday, which for a lot of us equals a three day weekend.  For me it is a four day weekend as I don't work Fridays.

As for the people in hospitality or essential services they don't all get these days off, and I feel badly for them, but I'm glad they are there just in case I am taken to the hospital or need to go out for dinner.

Lots of folks in Canada see this weekend as the official start of the summer season ,even though kids are still in school, and many people go to their cottages or go camping. 

We are doing yard work. 
Son number one has taken lots of "I'll be right back" when he notices something he has to photograph, and son number two has had a lots of  "but I thought we were done!" breaks. 

Even though for us it is a yard-working weekend it feels relaxing in our little corner of paradise and, who knows, if its not raining on Monday we might take the boat out onto the lake. 

Tomorrow we take six kids plus our own to H2O, a water park, in Kelowna.  I need to not answer the phone as the number of boys going are increasing each time it rings.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mark said...

I've known a lot of Queens in my day but none go by Victoria.
Have a great weekend!
Your Friend, m.