Friday, 15 July 2011

Paradise and One More Sleep!

My boys are coming home tomorrow!   I am so excited and can barely stand it.  
I have been worrying all week.
Are they cold, are they tired, are they having fun, are they hungry, are the other campers nice people, do they miss me?

  I don't keep these worries to myself, I share them with my husband, the boys dad.  

He is a patient man but I can feel his patience wearing thin..... 

They are to be picked up tomorrow after dinner but I think I might drive up there tonight, sleep in the car and be ready to pick them up at the crack of dawn.

They will hate me if I do that.

Kalamlaka Lake at night


Kalamalka Lake during the day.


Mark said...

It's almost over, Momma! Your babies will be back with you soon.
Your Friend, m.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

good LORD its a pretty lake :)