Monday, 4 July 2011

Bat Wings

Yesterday was a boating day.  Not weather-wise as it was cloudy and windy but Sean had made a wake skate in wood shop and needed to try it out.

We packed a cooler and hooked up the boat.

Launching the boat was easy as no one was going out on the water.  Excellent!

We went over to an area that we don't normally go to when dragging kids behind the boat but we are always up for a new adventure. The water was a bit choppy and we knew we should have gone to the sheltered side of the lake but we were already there.

Ellison Park

They are on the tube and they are excited.

Did I say the water was a bit choppy?

Taking pictures of a bouncing tube, in a speeding rocking boat is not a good combination for me.

The tube ride didn't last long and the wake skate was not put in the water.

The water is the temperature of snow melt.

We boated around, looked at the cottages and cabins, (there is a big difference between the two), ate our snacks, saw some baby osprey, did a drive by of the family cabin (no one was there) and then back to the boat launch.
Still windy, still choppy, and still no boat trailer traffic.

Look closely - there are two osprey babies in this nest.  They make the nicest squeeky sound.

It was a good day.

Are you wondering about the title of my post?  That's what my upper arms look like.

I should have been swimming beside the boat instead of taking pictures with my feet up.


I hope all my American friends and family have a very Happy Independence Day!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh wow, Ellison park = spectacular!

Mark said...

We were at the beach all weekend and I'm just getting caught up now on my blog reading.
You look like you had a wonderful time. I'm much too lazy and boring to do such things. Good for you!
Your Friend, m.