Tuesday, 12 July 2011

While the Cat's Away....

With the boys away at camp and no interruptions or questions or, can I ... or, will you ..... ,   I thought it would be a perfect evening to go into my pottery room and make something. 

I have a store that sells my pottery on consignment and she is always requesting replacement pieces and I have had lots of good reviews on my Christmas gifts to family and friends.  They are asking for more so that they can gift them to their family and friends. 

After a delicious dinner that husband  made I went to the basement and into 'the no-room of clay'.

 It is covered in clay because it is so small.

It's called the no-room of clay as it has no room.

Smaller than a walk-in closet.
 If I stand in the middle of the room and stretch out my arms, my fingers will touch opposite walls. 

Maybe it's covered in clay because I am just messy.

I could have spent the evening cleaning it or I could make something. I chose the latter. 

But first I unloaded the bisque kiln.

There are five more shelves of this stuff to be glazed but I think you've seen enough.

I made about 30 of these soon to be snowflake Christmas tree decorations.

I made about 75 of these - they were the popular ones last Christmas.

This is a reject and the hanger was not finished but this is the general idea.

And I always make a bowl or mugs  on the wheel and those are curing under plastic.  Pictures of
clay-covered plastic bags are not attractive so  I'm not posting a picture of that.
 I'll show you this instead ....

.... these fuschia have nothing at all to do with pottery

Tonight husband has fire practice (he's a volunteer fire fighter for our community)  so he will be out and Archie, the dog, and I will have the house to ourselves.  After his walk I think I will start glazing.  I hate glazing!  I am so bad at it.  I could use a lesson or several but will carry on regardless as I don't often get uninterrupted time

Time that is ticking by slowly - it's only Tuesday.

I'm counting the sleeps.


Mark said...

Who knew you were Artsy! I thought you were total Hardcore. See how prejudice I am. Sorry about that. Now I'll have to look at you in a different light.
Love the Pottery! Now how about a contest/give-away?
Your Friend, m.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Holy cats i adore your work, show moremoremore!!!! GO JOY! -sincerely, your BIGGEST FAN gr