Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Good Idea at the Time

I was looking through some old photos with my boys as they wanted to see pictures of me in my younger days.  I don't have many as my sister has most of them but once we started digging through boxes of  pictures it was hard to stop. 

We looked at pictures for a couple of hours- snorting and laughing at the fashions and hair cuts and general style (or lack of style) of our motley crew.

It was rather humbling looking at the pictures as I remember thinking that we all looked pretty good back then.
I guess photos don't lie.

 My first wedding we all wore hats (yikes!) and orange dresses (good lord)  and platform shoes.  I had long straight hippie hair.

We thought we were hot.

This is not us but could be.
I hope the curtains aren't the same as the couch or those bridesmaids will disappear when they sit down!
Let me say again, this not us and I am not in this picture.

So on the same note of thinking  it was a good idea at the time, this picture below is a cake.

This is what my neighbor made for her husbands birthday cake.

It's a  litter box cake, crumbled white and chocolate cake with the addition of melted tootsie rolls placed in the cake and over the edge of the box.  She said she made it because he never cleans the cat box.

Who ate cake?

No One.


Mark said...

I don't even like looking at that cake. But let me tell you, she did a great job. It looks real.
And c'mon, I want to see some old photos of you. Please???

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh GOD a litter box cake?

The Moerks said...

You are so funny. Thanks for my morning laugh.