Sunday, 10 July 2011

Berries and Camp - Must Be Summer!

It's summer in the Okanagan and strawberries are ripe and ready for picking.

First , rinse and hull - two for the tray, one for me, two for the tray, one for me...... repeat.

This is the first tray, but only one more to do.

Take a couple of cups of berries, mash them up add some sugar and pectin and......

Freeze to enjoy in the winter.   

DVM Camp

Today is the day I officially start to make up things that could go wrong at camp and imagine any and all  potential dangers that my boys could face.   Son number one decided that he couldn't stay home and so he signed on to go to camp too.  Son number two let out a very audible sigh of relief.  He counts on his brother for a lot  -  and moral support is right up there among the most important.

When Sean (son number one) was born he was awake and alert, head up and looking around the first day of his life.  Here he is helping get the beds ready for the campers.

When Adam, son number two, was born he slept the entire first day.  Flicking the soles of his feet couldn't wake him.  He was resting!  
Here he is now, not helping get camp ready, but enjoying kicking around the soccer ball.  I hope he is a high wage earner so that he can hire people to do the necessary things for him.

Here is the cabin our boys are staying in, Sean in the loft and Adam below.

They are so excited to be there.  I hope they have a wonderful time.

I am really hoping that I don't spend the next week getting grey hair and a big worry frown.

When we got home from dropping them off my husband made me a very large cocktail. 

It almost helped.

This is the camp donkey - isn't he cute!


Blue Fruit said...

Ah, a mother never stops worrying, does she? But the camp house looks great fun - rather deluxe camping it appears.

Pearl said...

I read this with my mouth open and envy in my eyes. What a fanTASTic camp! And it comes with a camp donkey?!

This is the stuff that the life-altering childhood memories are made of. You're a good mom to send them here.


Mark said...

You'll be okay, Momma. You're tough! Remember that. m.

Joyful Things said...

Like Miss Marple said in Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse 'Your imagination takes you to worse places than the actual event'. (or something like that)

Michelle said...

Your boys are so lucky to have the chance to go to such an amazing camp. They'll have so much fun!

The Moerks said...

Those strawberries look delicious. I can almost smell them from here. The camp looks amazing, just like the ones you see in the movies. I am sure your son will have a great time. Try not to worry too much.

Karena said...

I still worry, and always will, that is being a Mother, I have found!

Love your Strawberry jam!


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