Friday, 8 July 2011

This one's for you Mark - Pre 1989

I posted that while looking through old photos we came upon some that were hilariously embarrassing.

 Mark wanted to see them.

Not being one to shy away from public humiliation, here are some winners.

I think the same person who cut the horse's mane and tail also cut my hair - perhaps with the same scissors.
That's my brother with me.  He passed away 17 years ago.  Drugs.

Being farm kids, chickens were among our pet collection .
It took a long time to realize that normal people don't eat their pets.

There was always a first day back to school picture while my mom was alive.
Once again, someone was over-zealous with the scissors.

I loved horses and riding.  I bought horses from the race track and trained them for the jumping circuit.  This is not one from the track but she was a great horse.

Here I am at my first wedding, (not that I've had several I'm only on number two).   Nice hat.

I did some part-time modelling - Can you pick me out of the crowd?  My husband at the time told me I was fat which started my downhill slide into weight under 100 pounds.  He was a big jerk.
When my kids saw this picture their comment?  "freaky"

Here I am on my way to 105 - still more to go - it was not pretty and, yes, that's sugar I'm putting in my coffee.  That was my diet - coffee and cigarettes.
Did I say that my first husband was a big jerk?

I am too short to be a model (5'6") so I did only cosmetics and lingerie.  At the time, people thought the lingerie ads were very risque - I'm not posting a picture as most of them are my 112 frame in a girdle.
Anyone remember girdles?

Some people said I looked like Linda Evans .....
(nice shoulder pads and chest bones)

......... others said I looked like Sally Struthers.

Not sure if you can see that my glasses cover nearly half of my face.  Someone told me they made me look smart so I wore them all the time.

So there you go Mark,  warts and all.
 Sadly I see that my look has not changed much from high school.
Talk about getting in a rut!

Post 1989 will follow at a later time.


Mark said...

You positively made my day. And maybe even my weekend. I loved this whole post especially since it was written to me, directly!
Thank you so much.
Okay, here is my guess on which Model you are. I think that you are either the brunette looking at me or the gal on the left brushing her hair. But it's hard to tell. Maybe you were never a brunette???
Linda Evans, maybe. I'm thinking more that chick on CSI. I forget her name. She has strawberry blond hair.
Anyway, I see that you had a long struggle with identity. So beleive me, I will never tell you to change a thing about yourself. I don't want to be blamed for anything.
Thanks again for this.
Your Friend, m.

Joyful Things said...

No. not the hair brusher nor the brunette.

mermaid gallery said...

sorry about your brother....drugs took out a lot of my friends too...growing up isn't easy makes being older not look so brain didn't really function right until my 30' are shines through in every shot!

Michelle said...

All lovely photos - you are gorgeous!

Are you the model sitting on the chair?