Monday, 12 September 2011


The house is still not painted.

I forgot my birthday - it was last Thursday.

Someone remembered and brought me a Score Cake.

I've gained 3 pounds - I blame the anniversary dessert - but it might have been the Score Cake.

We spent all day Sunday boating and visiting friends.

Did I mention we still haven't finished painting the house.

The windows of the house are covered in paper and painters tape.

The covered windows are good because they need washing again.

The boys are back to school and both in high school!

Our teachers are on strike.

I have been spending too much time in my pottery room,
the rest of the family thinks.

Tonight I have to sit in the gym and watch Volleyball practice.

Next Thursday Son #1 goes back to the Ocean.

Last trip he got to kayak with the Killer whales.

He also got to eat crab.

He loved it.

Did I mention that we haven't finished painting the house?

Waffling between dark trim and light trim.

Driving the Husband crazy! 
"Pick something!" he insists.

It's not easy being indecisive.

I feel like I could use a small rest.....


mermaid gallery said...

juggling is what we women will all work itself out....more important to enjoy your family and the last days of summer......when the dust has settled....get to work!

Mark Himes said...

Agreed! I think you need one too. Right after that house is painted.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

YOUR BIRTHDAY!? Congrats :)