Thursday, 15 September 2011

Following the Pack

It looks like a trend has taken over our small city.

The trend is naming the house/property.

Not to be left behind I researched it a bit further to see what name we could apply to our little piece of paradise.
I  found that not every one can tell the difference between an ash and an elm or a birch from a poplar and that the name they stick on the driveway sign often has nothing to do with the surroundings.

They take creative license.

Mountain View 
(the view is that of the neighbors shed that when covered in snow looks a bit like a mountain)

Poplar Park 
(only thing parked is the visitors cars and they have no poplars - perhaps they meant it to say Popular Park)

Sage Point 
(halfway down a country road and the base of a hill - there is no point)

(yes, there is a bong but I have seen no Billa - I think the occupants are leftovers from the 70's)

Anyway, with the soon to be painted house I thought we could add one of these clever signs that let's everyone know that our address now has a name that relates somehow to the owners, location or lifestyle.

So far the few to chose from are:

Work in Progress Half Acre

Dead Hedge Drive

Kill Those Quail Corner

The Home (that's my son's submission)


Messy House Haven

Wishful thinking  that The Sign will actually get finished and hung....

Perhaps the trend will fade away without me.

That's the sign I should hang, Wishful Thinking.


mermaid gallery said...

home sweet home...has a nice ring to it....

Gary's third pottery blog said...

MESSY HOUSE HAVEN!!!!!!! 2 votes for that :)

Mark Himes said...

I vote on your son's choice.