Friday, 16 September 2011

The Perils of the Shopping Trip

The other day anther blogger  Isabella and Max and I had a brief connection on taking kids to the grocery store and how much easier it will be for her now that they are back at school which got me to thinking about the whole shopping experience.  

There are many things wrong with grocery store, the biggest being the shopping cart problems, that we have all experienced.

Wobbly wheels or wheels that lock

The cart that always pulls to the right

Goo or something on the handle.

Someone else's left behind list that you mistake for your own.

But we are all used to those annoyances.

The biggest problem I have with my shopping cart is that it always fills with stuff not on the list and changes a $100 shopping trip into a $400 shopping trip.  

Because of this  I am no longer allowed to do the grocery shopping.

(insert a very big smile here!)

The Husband goes every Saturday morning at seven because that is when there are the best bargains and that is when they are changing the shelf listed prices and that is when he can get those priced-wrong items for free.

A little anal perhaps but I don't care - I am not there.  I am at home coffee in hand, feet up.  Okay, maybe not feet up but definitely not ready go out in public.

A couple of weeks ago I tagged along with and I am here to tell you that I know how kids feel when they follow along, have to keep up, are not allowed to touch anything and cannot put anything into the cart.

No wonder they have tantrums and fits - I was close to having one myself.

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OneCraftyFox said...

Oh bwaha ha ha. I know this is not funny, but it makes me think of a terrible experience I had the other day that I ended up in a giggling fit over.

I went to IKEA to purchase a bedframe. It came in two super long and huge boxes that were HEAVY. I also required a package of bed slats and a midbeam. Of course I somehow ended up with the bum cart and my bed parts ended up taking me for a joy ride through the parking lot as fellow shoppers looked on... and surely they were secretly praying I would not smash into their parked vehicles. LOL!! :)