Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Annoyed That I Missed It

Did you know that July 20th is National Junk Food Day?

Well, I didn't  and I'm a bit annoyed that I wasn't alerted.

I'm setting the calendar date-reminder on my phone to remember it for next year.
(along with my anniversary and birthday)

This recipe, which I have not tried but certainly will next July 20th, was one of the suggestions to celebrate National Junk Food Day.

"BTS Shake"


1 oz. Butterfingers, crushed

1 oz. Twix, crushed

1 oz. Snickers, crushed

9 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream 

2 oz. whole Milk

1 to 3 oz. Bourbon or Rum

(Frankly, I think I'll go for the 3 oz. version)


Place all ingredients into large blender. Blend until mixture is just thin enough to drink through a straw. Do not over-mix. Pour into tall glass and enjoy.

"BTS Shake" created by Beverage Director Scott Clime of Passion Food Hospitality.

I can hardly wait for July 20th! 

I can feel the sugar headache already.

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Mark Himes said...

You're forgetting a lot of things these days, aren't you? I'm starting to get worried.