Tuesday, 27 September 2011

He Didn't Even Try...


Son #1 came home from his Earth Quest adventure on the west coast of Vancouver Island last night.  This is about 4 days early.  

When they left last Thursday the weather was forecast for 110 km winds (that's about 60 - 65 mph) and 200 mm  (that's about 8 inches) of rain had already fallen that day.  

This weather was to continue for days.  

Their leader, who has been doing this for 30 years, told them to dress and pack appropriately. 

They would be sleeping in tents.  

They went skim boarding on Long Beach.

Sean hit a clam shell and needed  stitches to the bottom of his foot but wouldn't go as he wouldn't be able to continue to skim board.  I think the doctor will try  crazy glue on  the wound today - it really is quite nasty, has not started to close and is still bleeding.

He met a pro surfer.


They went kayak surfing, which I am told was "awesome! the most fun I've ever had!" 


He bought a $30 tee shirt at the Tofino "Give Me All Your Money" tourist shop.

He had the best fries he's ever eaten.

Yesterday they were to go to an outlying island by water taxi where they would camp for the next three days.

The ocean swells and crashing waves were over 8 feet so the water taxi would not go out.  


"He didn't even try mom!"

I love that water taxi driver.


This was the weather and ocean forecast for the next week which is why their leader decided to bring them home.

I'm disappointed that their adventure was cut short. I am thrilled to have him home.
Safe and Sound.


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mermaid gallery said...

Tofino is one of the most beautiful places on earth....so amazing that he was able to do what he did....no wuss there!...but i hear you...i like that water taxi driver too.....those waves are even bigger when you are in them.....spectacular pics!

Pearl said...

I love the enthusiasm of youth.

He sounds like a great kid.