Monday, 29 August 2011

Quick! Fix it before its Condemned

We are painting our house.

It has been neglected for a while.

The inside is also a work in progress

We find that every time we improve one thing it makes everything else look shabby.

I get inspiration from the designer blogs I follow.

I get discouraged from the designer blogs I follow.

This is not our house.
Our house is a Cape Cod style.
We are conscious not to over improve for the area.

This is the color we've chosen.

with this trim

and white casement windows.

and the front door this color.

or maybe this.

or this

or this

We are not adventurous people.

This is how we hope it will look.

Our dormers will be taupe and we don't have that great front porch on which we could sit and sip and stare at the neighbors.

This porch is also in the to-do list.

The Husband is scared.

Between work, kids, house painting and  life - I may be sporadic in posts but I'll still sneak in some time to read about your lives.

AND, Sean goes away on Wednesday at 6:15 AM for a 5 day ocean kayaking adventure in the Gulf Islands of the coast of Vancouver Island and I'm not even panicking!
I think I may have realized that he can take care of himself.

Or  maybe I am in denial.

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Razmataz said...

I love your color scheme....It will look wonderful....make sure you post pictures.