Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer, I'll miss you when you're Gone

My strawberries are still producing and will do so until October (or until the snow!)

We had this after lunch.....

...and then did this.....

Then we came home and made pizza on the barbecue, theirs had cheese and mine did not.  

Their pizza looked better than mine but I don't think it tasted better.  Mine had caramelized onions and chicken on a bed of barbecue sauce, a sprinkle of goat cheese and some mesclun greens.  yum.

After dinner I made apricot jam.  

Then I went to bed and look forward to seeing my boy back from his first Earthquest expedition into the Cathedrals today - I can hardly wait!.


Blue Fruit said...

What a delightful day you had. Pizza with fresh greens on top - my favourite! And a bit of homemade apricot delicious on sourdough toast.

Your strawberries look so healthy. I planted some heirloom strawberries last spring, and the amazing little things have never stopped producing little berries -right through winter! Who ever heard of such a thing. Makes me wonder why we "progressed" from the heirloom varieties.

Mark said...

It's 4:20a.m. and all I want now is pizza. Thanks a lot! And please, don't talk about snow yet.
Your Friend, m.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

my GOD GIRL we are moving into your back room :)