Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Small sample of the Outdoor Adventure

Once again, I worried for nothing.

He was able to set up  his tent.
He was able to cook his own meals.
He helped other students when they needed him.
He joked and laughed and shared his lasagna in a bag (which I am told was very delicious).


He wasn't cold.
He wasn't wet.
His new hiking boots didn't give him blisters.
They didn't see bears.
He didn't fall off the mountain.
He didn't miss me.

They went high enough to find snow and then made snow angels.
(this is not my boy)

This was "who can leap the farthest from the highest rock".

It is such a good thing that I wasn't there to say "don't do that, you'll get hurt!"

The smile on his face is still ear to ear and he can hardly wait for the next adventure.

Ocean Kayaking!

(Really...  I'll be fine)

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Mark said...

You're freaking me out. Stick around! I may need you one day to walk me through all this.