Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Is that Jelly or just Vacation Brain?

This is the "sorry you have to go back to work" breakfast that my boys served to me on Monday, my last day of summer vacation.  That face looks eerily similar to mine - I think it's the blank-eye stare.

I am back from my holidays and find that my brain has turned to jelly. 
 I think that happens when it's not challenged enough or maybe gets too much fresh air or is shaken up by too many boat rides. Maybe its from packing up too many picnic lunches, snacks, drinks, sun screen and necessities and listening to "aren't you ready yet mom ?"

 Perhaps it turned to jelly because I had more (way more)  than my normal one cocktail every two weeks.  

It might be because I spent too much time with several energetic teenagers or inhaled too much mountain hike dust  and campfire smoke or absorbed too many of the suns rays.  Maybe it was the hours I spent behind the wheel of the car driving to fun outings that the kids wanted to experience.

 Maybe my brain is like jelly because I've been worrying about Son Number 1 who goes hiking for four days in the Cathedral mountains a week today.

 It's not the hike that bothers me as much as the bears that live there. 
He will be eating food from a package.   I hate to admit that on a test-run meal  we tried one night around midnight that I think he likes it as much as a made from scratch meal made with real ingredients!  Boy, have I wasted a lot of time in the kitchen.

Next year I am insisting that my husband take holidays the same time as I do so that we can relax and turn into jelly together.

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Mark said...

Welcome back!
So, that's your face, huh? I'm not too worried about the blank stare, I'm more freaked out that one of your eyes is way larger than the other.
Your Friend, m.