Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Son #1 is taking Socials this semester and has moved into discussing the 1950 - early 70's era.

He came home yesterday and said - "You were alive during that time right.  Freaky.  Boy things sure were different.  You had nothing!"

"Not so,"  I said. "I was born in the 50's and while many of our neighbors didn't have indoor plumbing - we did.  We had television , but only two channels, one radio station and a car.  But we lived in the country and technology was slow to come to the country."

(age 4 - when chickens were our toys)

"I went to a one room elementary school - grades 1 to 8.  There were seven of us - we were all related. "

"No, No!"  he said," I mean you didn't have computers, IPods, or cell phones..."

"Cell phones! we were on a party line - pick up the receiver and make sure no one was on the line.   'Busy?' was the common query.  Turn the handle the appropriate number of rings to alert the person we were calling - we were Ring 4 by the way."

His face was  a blank sheet of paper so I decided to write on it.

No,  I wasn't raised in the digital age and, because I was isolated on a cattle farm, I was quite removed from current affairs and the way of the world.
 In fact, until I moved to The City I did not know there were gays and lesbians.
'She's a bit 'off' ' , they would whisper.  Really, that's what they said.

It was an era of Valium, unhappy housewives  and cigarette commercials.

I was in my late teens and early 20's during the burn your bra era, the Viet Nam war demonstrations and peace rallies, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Timothy Leary ...and Woodstock. 

It was a big eye opener for a naive farm girl.
It was long hair, flashing the peace sign, water buffalo sandals and granola, brown rice and the Ting Tea Room.
 It was an era of hippies and VW buses.

It was  hitch-hiking, tie-dye shirts and finding yourself in Europe - on a dollar a day.

It was a time of freedom -  but not for everyone .

"Sheesh, mom, I didn't want the History Channel documentary - I just wondered how you managed without electronics!"

But we had TV! and Hockey Night in Canada!

I've come a long way.
Except for the IPod.  I still don't have one of those.


Joanne said...

Thiw is a priceless synopsis. He should have been taking notes. Unless the exam is lack of electronics, of course.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I had a pair of water buffalo sandals too, LOL! I had good arches back then. Maybe it's why I don't now?

Pearl said...

This made me smile. I remember a lot of what you remember, and I actually feel a little sorry for the people who feel lost without their gadgets...

... she says while accessing the internet..

I only hope that we don't lose our love of people in discovering our love of things.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my have come a long way. {baby!}
First off...I didn't know you were from the 50's! I was thinking late 6o's. Like me. :)
And yes, our kids have NO idea. My oldest doesn't know how anyone lives without a debit card. {that she never has to add funds too by the way!}
Great post!
xoxoxo for Florida.

That gentleman's lady said...

I grew up in the digital age, and yet I gave my ipod away.

I don't miss it.