Monday, 25 June 2012

Its been a Wee Bit Rainy here..

I have been whining and complaining about the cold rainy weather  we have been having in the Sunny Okanagan.

Whining and complaining is what I do best. 
I excel at it.

We can't go boating.
The beach?  Forget it, wet sand is nasty.
The hiking trails are treacherous.
My cherries will not be sweet and juicy because they need SUN! darn it.
The peonies and lilies are flattened and soggy.

Archie the Dog hates getting wet.  He has a rain coat that he can wear but it's wet feet that bother him most.  
It has been said that people and their pets are similar - I concur.

My gardens are full of weeds.  
And the lawn is covered in toadstools.


Sicamous, a town about 45 miles north of us,  has had a lot of rain too.

Photos: Contributed - Donna-Marie Gregersen


I'll take the weeds and toadstool any day over this.

Anyone know how to build an Ark?


Mark said...

I was totally about to write something really off-colored but then you went ahead and showed me those photos of all that loss. That stuff really saddens me. Now I'll think about this for days.
Take care.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I've been watching the news coverage of Sicamous -- how horrible for the people there!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yep, toadstools are easy compared to that mess.
We are still getting rain from Debby. But i'll not be complaining either....our rain is doable.
Now you go and explain that to Poor Archie.