Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's Day Doll

My Mother In Law bought  us this book when Son #2 was just a few months old.  
She had been talking about it and I was unfamiliar with the story so I think she bought it for me as much as for our boys.
I love this book.

It's always the last few lines of the book that get to me

It brings tears to my eyes each time I read it.

About William's Doll
"William wanted a doll.
 He wanted to hug it
and cradle it in his arms..."
What happens when a boy wants a doll?
William's brother and friends and the boy next door call him a creep and a sissy. His father gets him a basketball ("He practiced a lot / and got good at it / but it had nothing to do / with the doll. / William still wanted one, and his father bought him an electric train set ("The tiny train/ threaded around and around the tracks/ with a clacking sound./ William made cardboard stations / and tunnels/ and bridges / and played with the train/ a lot. But he didn't stop wanting / a doll..." ). 
Finally, his grandmother comes to visit --- and at last William is understood. She gets William the doll (he "loved it right away"). And she explains to William's father (who "was upset.")
 'He's a boy!' he said , 'Why does he need a doll?'"

This is why William needs it:
"so that when he's a father
like you,
he'll know how to take care of his baby
and feed him
and love him
and bring him the things he wants,
like a doll
so that he can practice being a father. "  

Have a Happy Fathers Day  weekend, all you wonderful dads and moms!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I remember when this book first came out and was so controversial, which seems silly now. But there's been a lot of welcome changes in society's view of gender since then.

Glamour Drops said...

I bet this was controversial when it first came out! People would have been horrified at the mere suggestion!

Thank goodness we have all moved on, and common sense can prevail. I do believe that in earlier times (19th century) it was very common for boys to be given dolls at Christmas time, along with the lead soldiers, of course.

The Moerks said...

What a great book. I must try and get hold of it. Great for small boys.

Ann said...

Oh what a lovely post.
My son always have some stuff toy with him growing up. I guess everybody needs something or somebody to hug and cuddle.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my goodness. I've never heard of this, but I love it.
Yep, those last few lines got to me. *tear tear*