Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Today as I was walking to the bank  I noticed that the woman I was following had yesterday's underwear dragging out the bottom of her pant leg.  

 I was going to whisper in her ear except I was afraid - the whisper might initially frighten her, resulting in a swat to my face.  I also felt her potential humiliation and couldn't bring myself to be the bearer of such news.

I really hope that the  underwear fell to the ground and was left behind before she arrived at her work place.

Panties on the sidewalk could really start a conversation - who's, how, why.
Those made up stores might be way better than the embarrassing one of reality.

So,  don't laze around in bed and give yourself enough morning time to check for all and any wardrobe malfunctions - I feel bad that I didn't speak up.


Mark said...

Yeah, I think you should have said something. I would certainly say something to you if you had a huge booger hanging out of your nose. I'm kind that way!
Your Friend, m.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH wow.......

Razmataz said...

Iv'e actually had that happen. Not with yesterdays undies, but a pair from the dryer clung to the inside of my jeans. When they fall out, my mother and I laughed until we almost wet ourselves. We were in Pier 1. I grabbed the knickers and stuffed them under my coat, then we laughed some more as I thought someone might think I stole something and I would have further shame by being asked to reveal what was under my coat.