Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lesson #42: Know where the Controls are.

Son #1 is studying the drivers manual in the hopes of passing the written portion of his drivers test in two weeks. This will give him the right to drive a car with another 5 year+ experienced driver in the vehicle.  

This morning he said that he had learned that you should always examine the dashboard of your vehicle to know where all the controls are.

Last Thursday, after arriving home from ladies night, I  turned on the interior light of my car to locate a few things that needed to be taken into the house, gathered them up and turned off the light.  
The light did not go off.  

I opened the car door and then closed it thinking some computer connected gizmo was blocked and the opening of the door would clear the problem.  Light still on. 

 I dialed the switch up, nothing. 
 I dialed the switch down, nothing. 
 I went into the house to get rid of my armful of stuff, hoping that the light would go off based on a time lapse.  No.

I went back to the car and got in and started it. I shut it off.  
Light still on.

I decided to wake The Husband but then realized it was late and he gets up really, really, early so thought that maybe I shouldn't.  But I couldn't have a dead battery in the morning so yes, I would wake him.  
I went back into the house but guilt stopped me from going upstairs to wake him.  
Surely I was bright enough to figure this out. 

 I went back outside and did more dialing and fiddling.

I leaned in close to the dashboard for a better look.

I had been dialing the air vent control.  

Yes.  Know your dashboard  - good advice that came to me a little late.

....and no, I had not been drinking...


mermaid gallery said...

haha!...you sound just like me....challenged by the technical stuff....I am hopeless most of the time...you are not alone!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I bet the air vent hasn't seen action like that in years!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

life is sooooooo complicated :)

Mark said...

You're not your son's driving instructor, are you?