Saturday, 12 November 2011

Where is that Pot of Gold?

My photography skills do not do this double rainbow justice - perhaps I'll just blame the camera. 
 In any case this rainbow was so incredible it seemed that everyone in our community was outside looking at, and photographing, this spectacular display of nature.  

Son #2 was shocked that the prisms were so large and bright and that he could actually see every color. 
 Son #1 was away on an Earth Quest adventure and missed this.
 I think he was, at that particular moment, on a school bus which had stopped at a fast food restaurant where he ordered two meals from one establishment on the left side of the street and then walked across the street where he ordered another meal.  He said they get very hungry being so active.  I think it's because he's a teen and is not often allowed that kind of food.  Don't tell him but every few months I sneak into my fav place and order onion rings.  

Off topic!  Focus, Joy, focus!

This rainbow followed an intense and pretty scary thunderstorm.  It seems that summer started with thunderstorms and is ending with thunderstorms.  

The house you see directly under the rainbow belongs to a lovely young couple who have three children.  The window on the lower left is their gym.   He works out in a Speedo kind of thing.  I should have planted a faster growing tree there - he is not Speedo material.  
Like I should talk.
Damn onion rings!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh WOW :)

Glamour Drops said...

well I hope son#1 doesn't read this post or he will be up to your onion ring tricks Joy!

So rare to see a whole rainbow - rather than just sections of it which are exciting too but not as breath-taking as this must have been. Now where is my golden shovel to start digging for the pot of gold....Virginia xx

mermaid gallery said...

your neighbors would probably love a copy of that is a rare thing and maybe they were making love or something....speedo man is probably raring to go....