Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Not My Reality

This morning the local radio station's impossible question of the day was about reality shows.  The question was,   'if you watch a lot of reality shows, this happens to your personality'.

In quick succession I shouted out possible answers - hoping that one of my boys would call in and we would win a 6" Subway sandwich.

Your brain shrinks - I shouted
You lose your sense of compassion, that chunk of brain that holds compassion disappears - completely!

You leave your spouse, have an affair and your life falls into ruin.
You act like an ass to get attention!
You lose your ability to interact with regular people - or any people... (I was running out of answers)

Call this in boys, we can win!

Boys? are you calling them?

The answer?

'You become an angry person.'

What the fffff.fptt!  Why are these reality shows on television?
The world is angry enough.  

 I don't watch them but just hearing about them makes me plenty angry.

Okay,  I'm over it now - I just needed to vent.


Mark said...

I'm glad I could be here for you.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

VENT girl....VENT! And let's hear more about your famous apple muffins!

Pearl said...

Shhhh. Here -- let me hold you.


Wait. Watching "Cops" doesn't count, does it?! Because I've been known to, um, watch "Cops".

You no longer respect me, do you?

Wait. You DO respect me, right?



Debra She Who Seeks said...

And on top of everything else -- you didn't get a 6 inch sub!