Monday, 17 October 2011

$% # ! *& "{ +@ !! #

.....or as my son says "Bob Sagget!"

This weekend was volleyball tournament weekend.  Not too far from home but far enough that all three where gone from 7AM until 9PM - give or take a few minutes.

I ate all my favorite foods and did all my usual chores - minus the interruptions - and spent a lot of time in my pottery room.  What a luxury to be uninterrupted.

Saturday was a pottery glazing day.
Sunday was a firing day.

I had high hopes.  
All the recipes had been followed with the utmost of care and consideration.  
All large pieces were sprayed.  All small pieces carefully dipped in the buckets. 
 All were dried completely.

This morning I opened the kiln and #$@!}^%.

Darn glazing..

I need to take lessons.

(insert disappointed face here)


Mark said...

Sorry, girl-dude!

blue fruit said...

But what did they look like, Joy? Can you post the images just the same? Because I bet they are beautiful even in their unexpected state. And often, I think the artwork which goes "wrong" can be the most surprisingly lovely.